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Calling classic car owners!!!! In addition to car shows and personal can make extra cash with your car!

Finding classic cars for a photograph or event is hard to do, unless you just know someone, so we made it easy! We like to say....bringing back classics, one car at a time!

My name is Christi Harvey and I own Classic Impressions. I own a 66 Mustang and have been an avid car enthusiast my whole life. Classic Impressions is a car location and online booking service for occasions- where photographers, videographers, directors, individuals, just about anyone can go to one website and find the car they need for a certain event. 

When your car is booked, you get paid! That’s right…Classic Impressions schedules the event with you and you get paid!

We are looking to add classics, all makes and models, to our website- Nationwide! AND ITS FREE TO LIST!  No matter where you live, cars can be available.

If you are interested, we would love to add more cars to the site. Just email us! 

There's various prices for different occasions...You pick what occasion you can attend or want to offer. Some may want to do Senior Photos only, or Weddings, etc. Just let us know. 

You can offer- senior photos, birthdays, anniversaries, family photos, Christmas pictures, wedding photo sessions, groomsmen photos, wedding arrivals or departures, company events, promos, music videos, films, parades or any special occasion... etc. 

We would list the car as available for which occasion you tell us. No one will ever drive your just show up on time for the photo shoot, at the location requested. 

(If you decide to do wedding arrivals and your car is selected for a arrival/departure, you would need to provide or be the chauffeur). 

We ask for up to (6) pictures be sent in with year, make and model and your location. 

Once your car is chosen, we will email you a total that would be owed to you. Once approved, There is a 25% booking fee to Classic Impressions. Payment is sent to you within 5 days after your booked occasion. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would be interested. It’s a great way to earn extra cash with your classic! 

We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us for more information!